Here you can find a list of our ( & GLAM) members that are legal entities. Their support is highly appreciated and helps us to strenghten transparency, participation, and innovation in Switzerland!

Members of

If you would like to become an institutional member of as well, please complete this form.

Adjumed Services AG
Bundesamt für Statistik
EBP Schweiz AG
Forschungsstelle Digitale Nachhaltigkeit
HES-SO Valais
Hochschule Luzern
inNET Umweltmonitoring
Interactive Things GmbH
Liip AG
Open Network Infrastructure Association
Public Eye
Puzzle ITC GmbH
Cividi GmbH
Stadt St. Gallen
Statistik Stadt Zürich
Statistisches Amt des Kantons Basel-Stadt
Tegonal GmbH
Zetamind AG

Friends of OpenGLAM

The following institutions are part of our Friends of OpenGLAM working group. You can become a part of this network by completing the form on the following site:

Berner Fachhochschule

ETH Bibliothek

Museum für Kommunikation

Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv

Schweizerisches Nationalbibliothek

Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

Schweizerisches Sozialarchiv

Schweizerische Stiftung für die Geschichte der Post

Wikimedia CH